Blue Ridge Manor normal WASTE SERVICES and RECYCLE pick up is Thursday morning. Both containers, which are provided by Republic, can be taken to the street Wednesday evening and should be removed from the street by Thursday evening. It is recommended containers placed at the street be approximately 3 feet apart. See Recycle Guidelines below.

YARD WASTE, which needs to be placed in a separate container or in brown yard bags, is also picked up on Thursday along with our normal pick up. The 2023 schedule is March 17 thru January 15, 2024. See Yard Waste Guidelines below.

BULK ITEM PICKUP. Each household may dispose of one bulk item per week, with a call ahead of time to Republic (502-638-9000) to alert/ schedule what is to be picked up. A bulk item is considered something you cannot fit into your regular container. See Bulk Item Guidelines below.

October 5, 2023 – JUNK PICK UP is scheduled for Blue Ridge Manor.

Some HOLIDAYS will cause normal waste pick up to be delayed one day. Be sure to place your containers at the street the evening before the holiday scheduled pick up. Updates will be posted on this website and/or in the newsletter.

How to dispose of latex paint: Add cat litter to the paint can (one part cat litter to one part paint) and stir until is has an oatmeal-like consistency. Allow the mixture to sit until mostly solid. (It may take a day or two.) Throw paint can with the dried paint into the garbage. Recycle the lid.  For very small amounts, you can paint on cardboard or newspaper and discard the cardboard/newspaper in the garbage when dry. Throw the paint can in the garbage and recycle the lid. 

LOUISVILLE HOLDING WASTE DISPOSAL DROP OFF EVENTS –The Pop-Up Drop-Off events are expected to happen once a month through November across the city. For more information and a complete schedule of dates and locations, https://louisvilleky.gov/government/public-works/pop-drop-waste-disposal-events.

Detailed Waste Services Item Guidelines


RECYCLE ACCEPTABLE: Empty plastic water and pop/soda bottles, aluminum, tin & steel cans (put lids in cans), clean aluminum foil, newspapers/magazines/soft books, junk mail, office paper/manila folders(staples OK), cardboard/box board/brown paper bags, glass bottles and jars(labels OK), shrink wrap, plastic film, all plastic bottles marked 1-7(empty).

RECYCLE NON-ACCEPTABLE: Styrofoam, ceramics, light bulbs, window glass, magnetic strips, mirrors, food-soiled items, plastic flower pots, plastic grocery bags, microwaveable food trays, wax paper/wax cardboard/wax milk cartons. No restroom waste, paper towels/napkins. No electronics.

RECYCLE PREPARATION: Must be empty and loose in containers. DOES NOT NEED TO BE SORTED.


YARD WASTE ACCEPTABLE: Leaves, grass, flowers, weeds, vines, brush and limbs.

YARD WASTE NON-ACCEPTABLE: Dirt, stumps, mulch, trees.

YARD WASTE PREPARATION: Limbs must be cut into 3 foot sections and no larger than 3 inches in diameter. Tie and bundle all limbs. In Jefferson County, KY yard waste must be in a separate container, paper yard waste bags or compostable plastic bags that clearly state they meet ASTMD 6400 standards for composting. Bags should not exceed 30 pounds. Limit 15 bags or bundles per pick up.


BULK ITEM ACCEPTABLE: Carpet, sofa, chair, table, container toys, misc garage items (Tools, Lawn Mower – No Gas). Grill (No Propane Tank), bicycles, swing set, basketball pools, mailboxes, mattress, box springs, small TV, misc household items.

BULK ITEM NON-ACCEPTABLE: No yard waste. No compressed cylinders: Oxygen tanks home therapy. No flammable or combustible materials: propane tanks, gas tanks or any type of batteries. No concrete, blocks, bricks. No demolition/construction material- studs,drywall,sinks,tubs, counter tops, cabinets, plumbing fixtures. No tires or car parts. No fencing- planks, posts, chain link. No landscaping materials- logs, railroad ties, landscape timbers. No glass, glass doors, glass tables.

BULK ITEM PREPARATION: Mattress/Box springs must be wrapped in plastic (Box spring and mattress are deemed 2 bulk items), a bed would include the headboard and the footboard plus rails. Mowers must be broken down and gas tank removed. Grills must be broken down and gas grills must have propane tank removed. Swing sets & basketball poles must be broken down with no pieces longer than 4 ft long (no concrete on legs or base). Mail boxes cannot be longer than 4 ft long and no concrete on base. Carpet must be cut into 4 ft x 4 ft rolls – tied with weight limit of 30 pounds per roll. Sofas and chairs, leave them assembled.

Toilets must be broken down and placed in the container.

Water softeners must be drained and emptied of all salt and placed in the container.

Weight limit 100 pounds.

ACCEPTED APPLIANCES FOR BULK PICKUP: Empty refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ranges, air-conditioners, water softeners, water heaters, washers, dryers, dishwashers, microwave.


APPLIANCE BULK PICKUP PREPARATION: All appliances must be empty and doors be removed. All Freon must be removed by a licensed technician and the appliance must be tagged.


Refer to a Consultant for Large Container Rental. (502) 638-9000 or online Republic Dumpster Rental .


Refer to a Consultant for RS Electronic Recycling. (502) 638-9000 or online Republic Electronic Recycling.


DO NOT FLUSH unused medications and DO NOT POUR them down a sink or drain, UNLESS the label or accompanying patient information instructs you to do so. Refer to Federal Guidelines on how to properly dispose of medications if there is not a take-back or collection program offered.


Contact your local pharmacy or doctor for disposal information. Disposal materials need to be in a puncture proof container or they will be considered Special Waste. Refer to Residential Sharps or Business Sharps on Republic Services’ website for Mail Back Disposal Service information.