City Contacts

City of Blue Ridge Manor

10000 Building, Suite 203
10000 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40223

NOTE: Office hours vary. Please use the contact details below to contact and/or arrange a meeting with a Commission member.

City Clerk/Treasurer: M. Elizabeth McDaniel
Blue Ridge Road, Louisville, KY 40223
Phone: (502) 548-3880

Mayor Carla Kreitman

Radford Road Louisville, KY 40223  


Phone: (502) 727-6468


Commissioner Hans Klose

Deputy Mayor/Public Property & Finance  

Blue Ridge Road Louisville, KY 40223  

Phone: (502) 245-0250 


Commissioner Porter Lady 

Parks & Recreation 

Wenham Way Louisville, KY 40223 

Phone: (502) 245-4963  


Commissioner Ken Conliffe

Public Works & Sanitation  

Afton Road Louisville, Kentucky 40223 

Phone: (502) 245-7941


Commissioner Art Sims

Public Safety   

Radford Road Louisville, KY 40223 

Phone: (502) 244-1461 

City Attorney: L. Stanley Chauvin III 

 Phone: (502) 619-0510